Nick: Do you think that being reincarnated into a certain animal or plant could be a path to enlightenment rather than punishment for the actions of your previous life?  If so which ones?

Sivia: Totally. However, I don’t think there’s one greater or more enlightening plant or animal because after all, we’re all one big happy family of infinite light. However, the concept of being a little happy plant warms my heart. All day just soaking up the sun and water, no worries, just simply being. If anything I think it’s less a punishment and more a reminder to be here now. Then hopefully somewhere inside of you, your spirit will hopefully bring those ideas into your next life when you’re back to being a complicated human.

Animals however? While you might hit the jack pot being a rich old lady’s pamperd pooch, usually you’re a starving cheetah, or a panicked pig. I am in no way, shape, or form saying being an animal is less than. But I believe animals get “it,” like plants, only they aren’t able to enjoy it. They don’t have the time or luxury. They’re worrying about predators and resources. There doesn’t seem to be time to spiritually grow and enjoy life. It’s purely survival in most cases. Again it’s not a punishment but perhaps a reason to be appreciative of having the ability to smell the roses, and have choices.

Tinyjoynow gets their garden on!

Sivia: We’ve wanted a garden forever but don’t have our own yard yet. So we made a Plant Plan. Which turns out is hard to say. “Plant Plan.” Or rather we’ve talked about it forever and spontaneously went out today and got us some babies. I love pizza like no body’s business so I had to get us a Basil plant.

Nick: Haha I just love caring for plants. I feel like I’m a part of something, an active participant in the maintenance of the earth, in a really really small way of coarse. On a less idealistic note, I’m really pumped to plant jalapeno peppers I love them but dont ever really get them since their such a rip off at the store!

Sivia: Woot! Spunky! The joy of seeing something grow. 💖 You’d be surprised how much it can improve your happiness in life taking care of something else even as inactive as a plant. I’m gonna tell them stories.