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Embrace the Primitiveness

Traditions and rituals have been practiced by humans since their very beginning. Reasonably, many people wish to break away from this sort of behavior as it is some what limiting. As a species some of us tend to think that we are above rituals and tradition when they can actually be pretty enriching. For instance, celebrating seasons and holidays can actually be a great way to change things up and be in tune with other humans. I’m not saying that we all should  go bobbing for apples and visiting pumpkin patches this October, but it’s a lot of fun to celebrate a holiday in your own way. This season. we’re gonna post a lot about what kind of halloween things we’re in to because its a lot of fun and also maybe to prove the point that you don’t necessarily have to be a certain stereotype to go all out during a holiday. I think that its ok to give in and embrace the reptilian parts of our brain that get excited over this sort thing because its one of the many facets of being the highly evolved primates we are. 

There’s this way of thinking that I struggle but love connecting with. We are all but a spec of dust in the infinite universe. Everyday problems feel meaningless when you can understand and see the bigger picture of life. There’s a full view of earth rather than which annoying comment a coworker is going to make. However, while this train of thinking takes away my anxieties it also makes working a normal job or getting daily chores done really difficult if none of them truly matter. And on the other hand, when I’m tuned into what to accomplish, the anxiety of getting everything finished in a particular way or the weight of people’s words feels that much heavier while the universe feels farther and farther away.

I guess it’s all about the balance. But I wouldn’t say that’s an easily thing to achieve at all given times in the day. But hey, its worth a try!


Experiences vs. Accomplishments

I think people tend to value their days, weeks, and lives based on what they were able to accomplish. I myself have gone nuts trying to get upwards of 15 things done in a certain amount of time and have been sorely disappointed when I failed to reach my “quota”. I think that everyday we should have one goal, and that is to experience something awesome. That could mean going out and looking for something new to do or it could mean looking for the beauty in your typical lack luster middle-of-the-week work day. I think we would all be much happier if we measured our life by the amount of experiences we had rather than what we could accomplish.


Yoga And Compassion

Many people enjoy practicing yoga and claim that it is a great source of physical, mental, and spiritual strength. However, I rarely here anyone speak of yoga as being a source of compassion. I was told once that yoga works “slowly but surely”, meaning that patience is necessary in order to improve. When I started learning yoga, I approached it with the same mindset I had when participating in competitive sports and would get angry when a particular pose was too difficult for me or if I couldn’t keep up in a class or with a DVD. I really started to enjoy the benefits of yoga when I decided to approach my struggles with compassion instead of anger. Yoga teaches people to have compassion for themselves resulting in compassion for others. 

Tinyjoynow created our very own coral reef! We used cardboard, felt, and paint. It’s a reminder that creativity and fun doesn’t have to be expensive. Using it as an adorable end table for our plants and coffee, we love it dearly.