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holy jesus i love everything you draw/anything... looking through everything you guys put up here just really made my life a lot better (: from thepiperwholosthisflute

Omg!! We thank you greatly!! We truly want to make people happy with what we have to share and well, find your tiny joy NOW! Thanks for the mood booster. 😉

I'm so excited for your witchy zine! I'm saving up my meager student pennies to buy that ( and the slurpee pin in your shop) when will it be available?! Oh and all your stuff is dope! from bacteriababy

I am bursting with joy!!! Thank you so much! The slurpee pin is available in the shop as we speak. However, I am hoping I’ll be able to finish the witchzine just before Halloween. 🍂🎃👻 So save those pennies!