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My favorite one so far is that I've seen is the watermelon girl!!! So dope haha from rhyleej

I love that you have a favorite! Thank you! Is it sweet too? Haha I’m a dork.

Hello. I love your brooches. :) I was wondering when you were going to have the space brooch in stock again. from foreverin-wonderland

Ah! Thank you for the positive feed back! I literally just restocked everything so they available at this very moment. ⭐️


Depression is oh so prevalent. Which is fine! Often when depression strikes it’s so intense you can’t leave the bed or find the motivation to do anything. Maybe an inspirational movie or talk with a friend snaps you out of it for a day. Everything feels better and before you know it, you’re back down in the dumps.  

There’s no exact method of overcoming depression because like people themselves, each one has their own path. Depression can feel like it controls the person whose experiencing it. Bubbles of joy can suddenly burst when we lie to ourselves that the sadness is gone in a matter of minutes. Or maybe there’s a happy situation, but we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy it in the moment because we’ve declared ourselves depressed. But there’s a sweet spot in-between. When you feel happy, feel happy but it’s ok to know your depression hasn’t magically vanished. And when you’re sad try to do things you hate like exercise because you know on some primal level it’ll raise those endorphins, and you’ll feel a bit better. Think of your depression like a little furry dog you carry around. Deal with it, take control, but don’t forget it’s there. Acknowledging it is the first step of overcoming it. 


One thing that can keep me going….

One thing that I can rely on to stay grounded is nature. It’s a simple, beautiful thing. It’s one thing to passively observe nature, but another to interact with it. One example is watching a thunder storm at the end of a long day at work, just as I start to feel tense about not being able to get home at a reasonable time. At first, the wind from the storm gently blows on the door, opening it. It’s almost as if the universe is trying to say “Here I am! Look how cool this is! Fuck your job!” So I take a moment to step outside and notice the wind violently shake the trees. I can see that it’s raining. This is great and makes me happy. But when I feel the wind push against me and the rain sprinkle on head, I’m in another world.