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I love you, your brand, and everything you stand for! I can't wait to get your brooch in the mail so I can display it everywhere I go! from flowerbebe

I sent it out today! Aww I think I just woke up 3 hrs later because I fainted from your sincere sweetness. Thank you for all the positive feed back and support you lovely love!

Will you have dangling earrings? Also will you have bracelets made of your cute little girls? from mystikitten

Thank you for saying their cute! Actually the onesy girls already come as both dangle earrings and brooches, so get on that!

Tell People to Fuck Off!

Sivia: When people are disrespectful to us, we brush it off or laugh. Tinyjoynow definitely has more of a buddhist mindset, believing that it’s more effective for the world in the long term not to match that negative energy. ‘Bad Vibes,’ can be a never ending evil chain that spreads like a disease often from one generation to the next like terrible parents. But you can be that one person that breaks the chain! You’re small contribution can make a world of difference. But that doesn’t mean you should only respond by kindly ignoring it, killing them with kindness. Sometimes it’s more productive to tell them to fuck off. Show them the same amount of disrespect they showed you. Because while being sweet and gentle is nice and all, often those people are too dumb to take in the lesson and need a more direct approach. Plus it’s awesome to stand up for yourself! 

Nick: Sometimes it’s necessary! Holding in that icky feeling after being repeatedly harassed and insulted can result in straining good relationships.  Standing up for yourself can help to release that negative energy in a positive way without carrying it with you all day and effecting those that love and care about you.  


A Lifetime in a Day

Most days I wake up in the morning feeling positive and optimistic about the rest of the day. Towards the middle of the day I start to feel a subtle creeping stress in the back of my mind signifying that it isn’t morning anymore.  Maybe around two or three o’clock this voice gets louder, almost dominating my thoughts.  I feel myself start to panic because I realize that the day will come to an end.  Before this feeling reaches its climax, I start to relax. By the time I go to sleep I have made peace with the fact that it is dark and the day is over and I look forward to the next day.  

Maybe this day to day experience is like a lifetime on a smaller scale.  When we’re young, we are optimistic about the future. As we enter middle age, we start to wonder weather we have accomplished enough in our life and if we have been truly happy. This climaxes in what we call a “mid life crisis” which I think is when we fear death the most. As we enter our old age we make peace with the fact that the end of our life is near. Some of us even look forward to what our next life can bring us.